Our terroir provides a unique combination of geography, climate and soil types. They conspire with carefully selected varietals and clones to produce superb quality grapes.

The vineyards are contained on four major blocks: Rondekop, the Riverlands, the Klipland and the Terraces on the steep southern side of Rondekop. The elevation ranges between approximately 300m and 450m above sea level. This slightly lowers the average temperature and also provides for cooler night time temperatures. The position of the vineyard relative to the surrounding mountains has two unique and important aspects:  firstly, the cooler south-east summer winds balance the warm sunshine and secondly, the protrusion of Rondekop out of the valley extends the sunlight hours the vineyards receive (relative to vineyards on mountain slopes that receive either morning or evening shadows depending on where they are). Rondekop itself creates a number of microclimates due to its rounded (Ronde) shape.

The row direction (running NW-SE) of the vines utilises the summer breezes to provide temperature regulation in the vineyard, and in conjunction maximises sunlight exposure, with the vines receiving morning sunlight on one side and afternoon sun on the other. The spacing of the vines has been specifically determined to allow for the growth and vigour, leaving the vineyard in perfect balance. Our soils are varied and consist of four major categories, namely, Oakleaf, Glenrosa, Dundee and Hutton, blessing us with superbly high potential soils. We believe that it is this unique complexity of natural variables which creates exceptional fruit.

By using this magnificent terroir, we can deliver grapes of outstanding quality and set the perfect base for producing outstanding and exciting wines.

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